Murano Glass Beads

Murano beads 300x262 Murano Glass Beads

Murano Glass Beads

are complex glass beads inspired by Venetian glass artists. Since 1291 and time does not seem to have been able to take away from the beauty and the attraction these beautiful pieces of beads these craftsmen and women produce. The favourite type of Murano are the Millefioru beads. Millefiori  Murano first released to the world of jewellery back in the 15th century. The method for creating Millefiore Murano glass beads hasn’t changed one bit throughout the centuries. Just like in the late 1400′s the artisans making these beautiful pieces of art have to through years and years of training before being competent enough to own their own Murano glass beads shops in Italy.

Murano glass beads

are compatible with most of the European Italian bead bracelets because each bead has a large hole allowing them to slide over the threads.  These Murano glass beads have flecks of blue covering stunning silver coloured foil that lines the beads .   Murano Glass Beads are made from the highest quality glass available.  Each glass beads being offered in shops around the globe has been totally made by hand, so any proud owner of Murano glass beads can be completely certain that their piece is unique.

All Murano glass beads have a solid sterling silver core.   These beautiful Pandora glass beads have an amazing depth of colour to them and come in all sorts of beautiful patterns. The Murano glass beads are legendary for their uniqueness and the embedded hues.  These beads are available in a wide variety of colours so you can match with your outfit and accessorise accordingly.  This allowed  Murano glass stay exclusive and making counterfeits lacking in the quality and history that Murano glass beads have come to represent.

The costs for premium quality Murano jewelry  in particular are not to be neglected. All of the history, craftsmanship and design come at a cost, but a price that is still inferior to that of many jewellery items that do not even come close to the beauty and the level of uniqueness that Murano have. Murano jewelry, be it beads, brooches, rings, earrings, and so on, can be mounted either in the highest quality silver or different karats of gold. The attractive element about Murano jewelry is that Murano craftsmen have adapted and are now offering all the different kinds of designs you are able to think of, from the basic Christian crosses, to intricate African and Asian designs.

Being a bead buyer you will find numerous places where you will discover them for sale. These include local art and supplies shop, and buying beads online  and auctions. The retail shops stock various kinds of beads. You ought to do thorough research on the kind and style of murano glass beads that you wish to buy, to ensure that you get the best deal possible in both product and price.

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